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The instructional environment at institutions of higher education (IHEs) refers to the instructional, behavioral, and personal aspects that college students experience in the classroom.

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Community Colleges: Building Pathways to the Future

The American postsecondary education system has seen many transformations, but none so democratic and revolutionary as the founding of the first community college in Joliet, Illinois in 1901. Then-president of the University of Chicago William Harper Rainey, and several other influential university presidents, were convinced that for America to grow and prosper, an accessible pathway was needed to open postsecondary education to all. As a result, community colleges were born.

Implementing College and Career Pathways in Rural Communities

College and career pathways are a critical strategy for supporting economic development in rural communities and creating economic advancement opportunities for youth. However, implementing pathways requires recognizing rural communities’ unique needs and opportunities. This report outlines three promising strategies for implementing rural pathways: build on local strengths and context, prioritize inclusive economic development, and embed remote opportunities.

University Innovation Alliance Announces Ambitious New Project to Help Students Succeed in Critical College Courses

The University Innovation Alliance, the multi-university laboratory working to improve student success, today announced a $3.5 million grant led by Ascendium in support of an ambitious project to diagnose and address high DFW (drop, withdraw, or fail) rates, especially for students of color and those from low-income backgrounds.

National Rural College Completion Trends, Challenges, and Solutions

This brief highlights key facts and barriers rural students and Rural-Serving Institutions face, make recommendations to address them, and raise the importance of centering the diversity of rural communities in completion research and policy.  

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