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Mental health at institutions of higher education (IHEs) refers to the emotional and psychological well-being of all campus community members that promotes healthy development, functioning and increases the capacity of members to live productive lives while striving toward reaching their full potential. It is important for campus environments to promote the mental health of all students, faculty, and staff and the provision of programs and services to address those needs.

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Presents data on youth mental health and suicide, outlining the extent of the problem, investigating contributing factors, and proposing effective, evidence-based action to reduce suicide risk for teens and young adults.

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Describes six key areas related to student mental health,  and it offers higher education leaders insights and guidance on how to best support the higher education ecosystem and the nation as we work to address the complex issue of student mental health.

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Provides resources and information to community-based organizations on how to hold creative events centered around substance misuse and prevention. 

Military and Veteran Support

Describes resources to help servicemembers and new veterans transition to civilian life.

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Are we in the midst of a mental health “crisis” for college students and other young people? How should campus administrators and faculty members be thinking about the mental health of their students and their roles in addressing it? This episode explores an issue that has been at or near the top of the worry list for those who work in and around higher education, as learners report record levels of depression, anxiety and other conditions; strain campus counseling and health centers seeking treatment; and struggle academically, sometimes to the point of stopping out altogether.

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