School Climate Survey Compendium

The National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments (NCSSLE) maintains a compendium of valid and reliable surveys, assessments, and scales of school climate that can assist educators in their efforts to identify and assess their conditions for learning.
The intent of this compendium is to gather student, faculty and staff, family, administrator, and community surveys in Pre-K/Elementary School, middle and high school, and higher education environments. The surveys can be used in whole or in part; that is, whole surveys or individual scales can be administered to target respondents. All scales in the compendium have been tested for validity and reliability. 
Below is a list of school climate survey batteries that constitute the current compendium; additional surveys and scales are added continually. (Alternatively, a summary table [PDF] of each survey by respondent type is also available.)  For more information on why and how to measure school climate, visit our School Climate Measurement page.
NOTE: The Office of Safe and Supportive Schools does not endorse any particular scale or survey presented in this compendium. In addition, the database presented is not an exhaustive list of available measures or survey instruments. If you would like to nominate a survey that is not currently included in the compendium, please click on the link below.

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K-12 Surveys