Innovation Spotlights

Innovation Spotlights

The National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments' (NCSSLE) Innovation Spotlights highlight the great work states and communities across the country are doing to address school climate-related issues.  To demonstrate a variety of ways to approach a topic, NCSSLE develops two to three Innovation Spotlights for each topic.

High Quality Professional Development (PD) to Address Student Trauma

There are a variety of ways a district and school can approach training staff on addressing student trauma. Below we offer spotlights of innovative efforts that could be helpful to others working to improve PD that addresses trauma. For context, read an introduction.

Baltimore City Schools
Diversifying Trauma Focused PD Opportunities and Providing Coaching to Multiple Stakeholder Groups
Chicago Public Schools
Developing a Scope and Sequence for Trauma Training
St. Louis Public Schools
Targeting Trauma PD toward School Change Teams and Aligning Training and District Priorities

Assessing Fidelity of Implementation

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The Positive Approaches for Safe and Supportive Schools (PASSS) program offers a solid foundation to implement integrated and comprehensive prevention programs in 43 high schools across Louisiana. These 43 funded high schools selected universal to targeted interventions to meet their specific needs, which range in focus from all high schools implementing PBIS to a few schools implementing alcohol… Read more »
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Connectedness—Safety—Environment are the guiding principles of the Arizona Safe and Supportive Schools (S3) initiative; an initiative that provides services and programming to 26 high schools in 14 districts aimed at creating and maintaining safe and supportive learning environments. A core part of the initiative is using data to implement appropriate programming and measuring the fidelity of… Read more »

Youth Engagement

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“Meaningful Student Involvement” is the mantra of Michigan’s S3 initiative on engaging students in their school reform effort.  Survey data from the Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth (MiPHY) identified students wanting to increase their voice in their schools.  They were heard!  In August 2012, Michigan S3 partnered with the Neutral Zone in Ann Arbor, MI, to facilitate a two-day institute –… Read more »
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One of the California S3 initiative’s focus areas is promoting youth development among participating high school students. In partnership with WestEd, the California Department of Education conducted “Listening to Students,” or student fishbowl circles,1at each of the 58 S3 high schools in fall 2011, where students and school staff participated together to engage in meaningful dialogue… Read more »
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All 21 high schools in Iowa’s Safe and Supportive Initiative are trained and implementing Youth Leadership Teams (YLTs), through a partnership with the Iowa State University Extension (ISU) Office and regional Consultants. YLTs consist of 5-7 students representing the student population and adult sponsors. They are tasked with learning about the school climate data and meet regularly with school… Read more »

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