Building Trauma-Sensitive Schools

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Building Trauma-Sensitive Schools

Resources included in the Building Trauma-Sensitive Schools component of the Training Package introduce all school staff to the concept of trauma sensitivity and provide examples of trauma-sensitive practices that can be adopted in the classroom and schoolwide. Resources include an online module, downloadable handouts, and a facilitation guide that includes suggestions for how to conduct in-person training sessions using the module and handouts.



1. Building Trauma-Sensitive Schools online module

This online module introduces all school and district staff to the concept of trauma-sensitive schools and includes examples of trauma-sensitive practices across six domains: 1) support staff development; 2) create a safe and supportive environment; 3) assess needs and provide support; 4) build social and emotional skills; 5) collaborate with students and families; and 6) adapt policies and procedures. It is recommended that school leaders and champions use this module as part of in-person, group-based training. The module can be viewed at once or in shorter segments. Each segment includes downloadable handouts to support discussion about trauma sensitivity and application of concepts.

2. Building Trauma-Sensitive Schools Handout Packet (PDF)

Individual Handouts Included in the online module and packet:

  1. Applying the Core Principles Worksheet (PDF)
  2. Secondary Traumatic Stress and Self-Care Packet (PDF)
  3. Mapping Triggers and Opportunities Activity (PDF)
  4. Navigating Crises Worksheet (PDF)
  5. Trauma-Sensitive Assessment and Planning Checklist (PDF)
  6. Guidelines for Adopting a Multitiered Approach to Addressing Trauma (PDF)
  7. Social and Emotional Competencies Checklist (PDF)
  8. Strategies for Collaboration (PDF)
  9. Guiding Questions for Policies and Procedures (PDF)

This packet contains all of the handouts used in the online module, including checklists, worksheets, practice guides, and discussion questions for supporting school staff in adopting a trauma-sensitive approach. Handouts can also be downloaded individually.

3. Building Trauma-Sensitive Schools Facilitation Guide (PDF)

This document provides suggestions for how to conduct in-person staff training using the online module and handouts.

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