Trauma Recovery Demonstration Grants

In 2019, the U.S. Department of Education awarded $6.7 million in Trauma Recovery Demonstration grants to five State education agencies and school districts to fund model programs enabling students from low-income families who have experienced trauma that negatively affects their educational experience to access trauma-specific mental health services from their choice of provider in order to best meet their needs.

Focus of the Trauma Recovery Demonstration Program

Funded State educational agencies will allow LEAs to:

  1. offer parents or guardians of low-income families an option to seek trauma-specific mental health services;
  2. support the provision of trauma-specific mental health services from a provider that best meet a student's needs; and
  3. demonstrate alternative models for delivering trauma-specific mental health services.

Trauma Recovery Demonstration Program Grantees

Below is a list of the 5 Trauma Recovery Demonstration grantees, by State. More information on the Project Prevent grantees can be found on NCSSLE's State pages. Read more information about the Trauma Recovery Demonstration grants here, or access a particular State page below to learn more.

  • Alaska Department of Education and Early Development
  • Hawai'i State Department of Education
  • Nevada Department of Education
  • Delaware Department of Education
  • Louisiana Department of Education