Consortium on Chicago School Research Survey of Chicago Public Schools

  • Students - Academic engagement; Academic press; Peer support for academic achievement; Teacher personal attention; School-wide future orientation; Student sense of belonging; Safety; Incidence of disciplinary action; Student-teacher trust; Teacher personal support; Student classroom behavior
  • Staff - Teacher-principal trust; Collective responsibility; Teacher-teacher trust; School commitment; Student responsibility; Disorder and crime; Teacher-parent interaction; Teacher-parent trust; Principal instructional leadership; Teacher influence in policy
Students, Staff
Grade Level
4-12 (Student); PK-12 (Staff)
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Survey Instruments

The student surveys are free and publicly available at and The staff survey is free and publicly available at Please contact Elaine Allensworth at for additional information on these surveys. Survey instruments are available in English. 

Survey Level
Survey Data

This is one of the K-12 Surveys listed in the School Climate Survey Compendium.

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