Planning Your Evaluation

An evaluation plan is a written document that describes how you will monitor and evaluate your program, as well as how you intend to use evaluation results for program improvement and decision making. The evaluation plan clarifies how you will describe the "What," the "How," and the "Why It Matters" for your program. 

Because most people associate evaluation with measurement of program results, program planners often do not think about evaluation until after the program is up and running. Instead, evaluation should be planned from the beginning, as the program is being developed. Incorporating evaluation will sharpen everyone's thinking about the program: its mission, its goals, its objectives, and the activities designed to meet those objectives. Used in this way, evaluation planning can be a valuable management tool.


Featured Resources

Intends to help those interested in the safety and security of a school district, college, or university with insight into the use and impact of social media. The guide provides information on social media and its uses in an educational setting, as well as the benefits and challenges; threat alert services and procedures to consider when a threat is received; prevention strategies and guidelines you can share; and developing a social media policy. Social media tips and resources you can share with your community are also included.   

Summarizes a meeting hosted by the U.S Department of Education with college campus leaders from across the nation to discuss the issue of racial harassment on campuses and to identify solutions for fostering supportive and inclusive educational environments. During the meeting, Nancy Cantor, Chancellor of Rutgers University-Newark, issued a statement calling for an end to racial harassment on campuses and for institutions of higher education to take the lead in making a social change on their campuses.


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